viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015

Everything in English of course

I think I have learned a lot this year. The English language is very much interesting, instead the English subject. The classmates are very nice, except for the old ones, and the blogs are the best moment in the year to make a serious work.
 This year I have learned a lot of interesting words and expressions like “piulent, leisure, tamo choclo and vo” I hope in the future I can use this to my professional life. When I get a job or begin my own company I will give thanks to my dear teacher that taught me this very much important ability.
Im using English to begin the communication process with my pigeons because some of them migrate from the USA and is the only way to talk to them. This is going very well; actually, the pigeons are making some works for my friends in villa Baviera, something about pictures and children. If the demand grows I’m planning to begin a business with my pigeon workers and become myself a millionaire with a lot of yachts and bitches.

I have some ideas for this subject, I think that the teacher should stimulate us more for the learning process, maybe if he gifts us some candies can be good, and he can make penalties for the people that answer wrongly for example having their heads shaved. And the most important, the professor should buy everyone a nuts snack from Simon when we end the last blog. Then we can have a party at his house and invite all the people of FACSO, everything in English of course.

viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015

Business are business

This year has been a very good one; I enter to university to become a great sociologist and have a lot of money, yachts and bitches. The first is ready; I expect the next years I can get the other two.
 I have begun a business during my vacations that is going very well. Whit my sociological knowledge I had created a corporation that has overtaken the classes conflict and the power relations that usually make people enter in conflict, instead of that my business is composed of people that don’t know that they are working for me. I have created a system of buy- selling of peanuts that is making me millionaire; the better is that I don’t declare taxes so I can still having my scholarship.
 During my free time, after studying y buy some peanuts and then sell it to people that use their families to sell the peanuts, that way nobody have to pay taxes, until the last month it was going very well but recently one of my workers hasn’t made good his job, he sells only five sacks of peanuts per-day when he should be selling more than fifteen per-day.

During this year I have used my money to buy my house and all the others houses of my family, I did this because in class I learn that the one that controls the production’s means have the power, now my family have to pay me $200.000 monthly and follow my commands because I am the owner, I sue them as workers when my peanuts seller fail, the best is use little ones, as they are kids people always buy to them. 

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2015


During this year in university I have found that the pigeons are very much intelligent, some of them can climb the ladders without fling, they enter to classes and remain quiet because they are learning, and even some of them have a certain level of organization to go from one place to other.
 So this summer I’m planning to train the pigeons, my plan is make them able to be part of our beautiful faculty. I think this is very important because during these elections a lot of lists said that inclusion was an important matter, I say that if that is true the pigeons must be included to.
 They are social subjects that deserve respect. They are our partners in this place and we are discriminating against them. I can’t blame them for shit on us when we are walking on the bridge, they are protesting for their natural rights.
So when we come back next year I will have a lot of pigeons friends that will enforce our community, can you imagine what will happen when the police enter in the university and the pigeons defend us? Or the democracy if pigeons could vote? There wouldn’t be any more problems with cuorum!!

So, this summer, until you’re are traveling, sleeping or losing your time with internet addiction. I’m going to be surrounded by pigeons, petting, talking to them, bathing with them, may be kissing them and sleeping with them by hours like a consent and compromised person,

viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2015

The best social investigation ever

Hello, this is what happens when I can write anything I want. This is my statistics homework, it is a very interesting investigation that I hope can help a lot of persons. This is only a synopsis but it is enough to understand it.

 I wanted to make easier to read, because it was very hard, and I think I was successful. Put very much attention at every detail.

library(xlsx)install.packages("xlsx")library(xlsx)base1<-read.xlsx("Base1.xlsx", sheetIndex=1, startRow=2,finalRow=36,olIndex=1:12)summary(base1$pob)summary(base1$PIB)summary(base1$GP)summary(base1$GPE)summary(base1$GPEpercapita)summary(base1$PISA2009)summary(base1$PISA2012)summary(base1$uRannk2009)wajajajajajsummary(base1$uRank2012)summary(base1$PMR)summary(base1$impuesto)mean(base1$pob,trim = 5/100,na.rm=T)mean(base1$PIB,trim = 5/100,na.rm=T)mean(base1$GP,trim = 5/100,na.rm=T)mean(base1$GPE,trim = 5/100,na.rm=T)mean(base1$GPEpercapita,trim = 5/100,na.rm=T)mean(base1$PISA2009,trim = 5/100,na.rm=T)mean(base1$PISA2012,trim = 5/100,na.rm=T)mean(base1$uRannk2009,trim = 5/100,na.rm=T)mean(base1$uRank2012,trim = 5/100,na.rm=T)mean(base1$PMR,trim = 5/100,na.rm=T)mean(base1$impuesto,trim = 5/100,na.rm=T)var(base1$pob,na.rm=T)var(base1$PIB,na.rm=T)var(base1$GP,na.rm=T)var(base1$GPE,na.rm=T)var(base1$GPEpercapita,na.rm=T)var(base1$PISA2009,na.rm=T)var(base1$PISA2012,na.rm=T)var(base1$uRannk2009,na.rm=T)var(base1$uRank2012,na.rm=T)var(base1$PMR,na.rm=T)villabavieravar(base1$impuesto,na.rm=T)sd(base1$pob,na.rm=T)sd(base1$PIB,na.rm=T)sd(base1$GP,na.rm=T)sd(base1$GPE,na.rm=T)sd(base1$GPEpercapita,na.rm=T)sd(base1$PISA2009,na.rm=T)sd(base1$PISA2012,na.rm=T)sd(base1$uRannk2009,na.rm=T)sd(base1$uRank2012,na.rm=T)sd(base1$PMR,na.rm=T)sd(base1$impuesto,na.rm=T)sd(base1$pob,na.rm=T)/mean(base1$pob,na.rm=T)sd(base1$PIB,na.rm=T)/mean(base1$PIB,na.rm=T)sd(base1$GP,na.rm=T)/mean(base1$GP,na.rm=T)sd(base1$GPE,na.rm=T)/mean(base1$GPE,na.rm=T)sd(base1$GPEpercapita,na.rm=T)/mean(base1$GPEpercapita,na.rm=T)sd(base1$PISA2009,na.rm=T)/mean(base1$PISA2009,na.rm=T)sd(base1$PISA2012,na.rm=T)/mean(base1$PISA2012,na.rm=T)sd(base1$uRannk2009,na.rm=T)/mean(base1$uRannk2009,na.rm=T)sd(base1$uRank2012,na.rm=T)/mean(base1$uRank2012,na.rm=T)sd(base1$PMR,na.rm=T)/mean(base1$PMR,na.rm=T)sd(base1$impuesto,na.rm=T)/mean(base1$impuesto,na.rm=T)intervalos.pib<-put(pib,seq(min(12860),max(14420000),by=10000,include.lowest=T)table(pib,PIB)                         

Did you get it? What I have discovered here can change the world for ever, all this information can give us the sense of universe and make all the people live in peace forever.
It can make the left lists in our university united.
It can make Jose leave the cigarette
It can help Simon to sell his peanuts
It can make Tool come to Chile
It can make us imagine the people
It can make us know what the Negro wants
It can make Junaeb to last all the month.
It can make the guards let you in JGM late on Friday

It is the best work I have ever done, I hope you like it and be useful for you, remember it the rest of your life and all your problems will be resolved. 

viernes, 23 de octubre de 2015

Use your talents!!

 I want to be millionaire in the future, but that is not an option because of my teachers that put me a 1 as marks, they irresponsibility doing their work will make me give up on my dream of having a lot of money, yachts and bitches.
 But my economic future us result because after with happens at Villa Baviera my friend Ferdinand paid a lot of money, the only thing I had to do was not telling the think that happened there. So I will choose a work that makes me feel happy.
 I’m going to work seeding trees and repairing streets, because I like a lot to fill holes. I don’t need to study for doing that, so I will not have to face more teachers that forgot their student’s tests. It will be an outdoor work with a practical use.

But this is not all; my friend Ferdinand told me that I have a very good talent making happy old man’s. So I will use this talent, during this vacations I’m going back to Villa Baviera to ask if I can be a volunteer using this abilities I have. If it works I’m going to build a nursing home where I can make happy a lot of aged people and maybe when it expands I will bring some children for teaching this art.

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

Working class pet

Pets are interesting forms of life, if the question is what kind of pet I would like to have I would began by mention some principles.
I don’t have too much time for pets, so it must be useful. The better use of all is security, and if it is possible it can be used like a tool for power, like the elephants in India. The ideal pet is the one that can learn some ideological thoughts so I can make it a Marxist animal.
It doesn’t have to be beautiful; instead it can be horrible so it scares all my enemies, especially oligarchs.
His excrements must be easy to clean, must be an intelligent animal, hard to steal and hard to kill. Because such an animal like that can be wanted by invidious people that will try to take it to me. Is very important to be intelligent, it must be able to understand that I am his master and who are the possible enemies for security and for the social justice.

Having this principles the best pet in the world is the Alien, I would love to have an Alien as pet because this intelligent creature is terrifying, hard to kill, his excrements are acid so I don’t have to clean it and can be instructed to fight by the working class side and release it from the highest class oppression. An Alien is a working class hero!!

viernes, 9 de octubre de 2015

Kids for eat

 Have you ever eaten rare food? May be, if you have money, but sometimes the rarest things are de food’s name, I remember during my vacations in villa Babiera my friend Ferdinand told me he liked the “Niños Envueltos”.
 When I return home I investigate what this food was, it isn’t a kid as I imagined, it is meet with a complex preparation,  to made “niños envueltos” you must pick some scallops and fill it with bacon, onion, egg and other  optional ingredients. I have never taste this food because my psychiatrist told me that it can make me remember some traumas, but it seem to be a very delicious food!!

 By the way, next time I talk about food will tell you how to made “cabezas de negro”, it’s a candy that my friend Ferdinand said he didn’t like but I found it delicious.